Reflections and hot pot

Today we met in advance of our reflective review for some delicious hot pot and to discuss how we felt the project had gone and what we’d do differently in the future. It was great to come together and celebrate the end of the project with delicious food.  


Public presentations

Today marked the end of our project as we had our public presentation. The public presentation allowed us to explain our project and how it has developed over the last 6 weeks.  At the end we were joined by the Around the Toilet research team and answered a string of questions from the audience. Here are some pictures of the presentation… 


The final push

Today has been a day of finishing off all the odds and ends to bring everything together. The team has been busy making final amendments to documents, printing, laser cutting, bag making and working on the presentation. It’s been all go. We are very close to the finish line with our public presentation tomorrow followed by our reflective review on Monday. Here are some pictures of what’s come together today.

IMG_5604 IMG_5645

Final Client Meeting

Today was our final client meeting and the Around the Toilet team came to see us in the Arts Tower. This was a great opportunity for them to have a sneak peak at the installation before the public presentation on Friday.

Around the Toilet have been exceptionally helpful over the last week reading countless drafts of the Architects toolkit and offering their advise and suggestions. We would like to thank them for this – it has been incredible useful for us to have your comments and input.

Here’s a great picture of some of Jen from the Around the Toilet team exploring the installation earlier today.

thumb_IMG_5565_1024 a

Architects Toolkit Update

Though much of the blog has been focussed on the installation we mustn’t forget about Architects Toolkit which has been developed simultaneously.

The toolkit which we had initially envisioned to be 10-12 pages is now a full blown document pushing 40 pages!! We have disseminated the research undertaken by Around the Toilet and applied our knowledge of Architecture and Town Planning to achieve this.

We recognise that Architects do not often have time to read a 40 page document on toilets and have therefore decided to create 2 documents from this information:

  • A bitesize guide – for Architects (approx 15 pages)
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the design of toilets – for Architects, Town Planners & Local Authorities (approx 40 pages)

In addition to these guides we also have the following:

  • A precedent booklet of toilets
  • A glossary of terms
  • A twitter picture book – all images taken from Around the Toilet’s twitter account #cctoilettalk
  • An installation assembly manual

booklet-architect booklet-big booklet architect copy booklet-cover-1